Preventive cardiology in the hands of empowered patients.


A patient-centered early-risk prediction, prevention and intervention platform to support the continuum of care in coronary artery disease using eHealth and artificial intelligence

funded by Horizon 2020


TIMELY is a platform that provides AI-powered apps and dashboards and decision support tools assisting patients and clinicians to personalize healthcare.


TIMELY helps to predict the individual risk for disease progression, including physical impairment and severe events. In fact, Artificial intelligence (AI) in TIMELY will constantly monitor and evaluate risks and will indicate any deviation from defined therapy goals or unfavorable changes as well as propose proper interventions.


TIMELY  provides  a unique opportunity for ground-breaking improvement of the care pathway for CAD patients - it seeks to optimize secondary prevention of CAD by limiting the physiological and psychological effects of the disease and improving risk factor and symptom management. 


“With developing the TIMELY platform we aim to demonstrate that better care and less costly care are not a contradiction.”  

- Dr. Jos Bosch, Project Coordinator